Praise for Clash of kingdoms

“If you’re fascinated by End Times prophecy—and who isn’t?—you’ve found the right book. In this compact but thorough treatise, Charlie Dyer and Mark Tobey deftly interweave ancient Scriptures with tomorrow’s headlines and explain all the nuances of all the players. You’ll learn more than you thought there was to know and come away from the easily-read narrative thoroughly informed. But better than that, you will have seen the trace of God’s hand in everything that has happened around our globe since time began.”
- Jerry Jenkins, novelist and biographer, writer of the Left Behind Series for Tim LaHaye


“If the prophecies of the Bible concerning the end times seem like a puzzle you can’t complete, this book is the box top. Each chapter is a carefully cut piece with the edges and the colors designed to help one see the big picture of God’s prophetic plan. Charlie Dyer and Mark Tobey avoid the twin dangers of the overly sensational and the under preparedness that so often is present in the study of prophecy.”
- Dr. Mark L. Bailey, President, Dallas Theological Seminary


“Today’s headlines repeatedly expose how unstable our world has become. If we can’t get a handle on the accelerated pace of global change from a biblical perspective, we could be filled with fear, even as believers. But Jesus never intended us to live that way. That’s why you need to read Clash of Kingdoms by Charles Dyer and Mark Tobey. This book takes the puzzle pieces of today’s news and synchronizes them perfectly with the Word of God. I’m recommending it to everyone, including my pastor friends. This book is a wake-up call for every believer in Christ. It reminds us all that Jesus is on the throne, and that things are not falling apart, they’re falling in to place.”
- Tom Doyle, Vice President–e3Partners and Middle East Director


“During my days as a student at Dallas Theological Seminary, Charlie Dyer was one of my favorite professors. His reservoir of knowledge filled my head, and his passion for God and His Word filled my heart. He made the Old Testament prophets come alive. Through his books, I still have the privilege to learn from him today. I read everything he writes. You should too.”                                                                             - Dr. Mark Hitchcock, Senior Pastor, Faith Bible Church, Edmond, OK and Associate Professor of Bible Exposition, Dallas Theological Seminary


“Dyer and Tobey have provided a clear presentation of key prophetic issues and how they relate to our own day.  Since the Bible lays out a detailed and clear roadmap of events that will take place after the rapture, Dyer and Tobey have shown how the stage is being set in our own day in preparation for that future fulfillment.  Anyone interested in Bible prophecy would be interested in reading this well-written account of how the present relates to God’s plan for the future.”
- Dr. Thomas Ice, Executive Director of the Pre-Trib Research Center


“The world is aflame. Terrorism, militarism, nuclear proliferation. It should not surprise anyone that the crises in the Middle East, Europe, and Russia were addressed thousands of years ago in the Scriptures. Moreover, no interpreters are more skillful than Charlie Dyer and Mark Tobey in explaining what the Bible reveals about this Clash of Kingdoms and the true hope readers can have despite a world filled with terror.”
- Dr. Michael Rydelnik, Professor of Jewish Studies, Moody Bible Institute, Host and Bible Teacher on Moody Radio’s Open Line with Dr. Michael Rydelnik


“Jesus predicted that in the last days the nations of the world would find themselves in a state of perplexity (Luke 21:25). Today, we see Christ’s prophecy coming to pass perhaps as never before as geopolitical observers routinely scratch their heads with bewilderment at the perplexing and seemingly out of control international scene. Yet, as these very events are examined through the lens of Scripture, one need not be gripped by fear since they are fitting into a prophetic scenario long ago predicted in the pages of God’s holy Word. As shown by Dr. Charles Dyer and Mark Tobey in Clash of Kingdoms, God has not lost control of a world that, from the human point of view, seems to be spinning wildly out of control. This book is required reading for those seeking to see God’s divine hand in today’s chaotic headlines.”
- Dr. Andy Woods, Senior Pastor, Sugar Land Bible Church, Professor, College of Bible Studies